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What is Super Silver Haze good for?

Super Silver Haze is one of the most suitable strains for sunrise and daytime use. It delivers uplifting and stimulating effects that energize you while keeping you calm and stress-free. Many people use it to battle fatigue and ensure a productive day.

As multiple winners of the High Time Cannabis Cup, Super Silver Haze Feminized seeds provide an exceptionally energetic cerebral high with a quick onset and long-lasting effect. Her mythical ancestry ensures potent Sativa genes and a dreamy terpene profile.

What is Super Silver Haze marijuana, and what are its benefits?

Super Silver Haze marijuana can also be beneficial in assisting in the physical aspect of the medical field;

Patients with poor appetite, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and migraines can appreciate just how healing this strain of marijuana can be, which has already helped millions across the United States.

Who makes Super Silver Haze?

Carefully bred by Shantibaba and Neville (two well-known breeders), the development of this stain began when Shantibaba was at Greenhouse Seeds in the early ’90s. They have continued to grow Silver Haze at Mr. Nice Seedbank ever since.

What kind of high is super silver haze?

Super Silver Haze is said to mix 80% Sativa and 20% Indica, but this has a thicker Indica feel, making for a very solid high. I could feel this physically, as my arms and legs felt high and tingling. The high felt as dense as the thick bud I cut up to load in my bong.

Is Super Silver Haze CBD Vape Good for Depression?

This balance of Sativa to indica makes Super Silver Haze a popular strain for daytime use as it has uplifting and energizing effects. These effects make SSH helpful in managing anxiety and depression when used in low doses.

Our CBD vape sticks are perfect for a night out or handy when you’re on the go without worrying about batteries, coils, or e-liquids. Mango Super Silver Haze Vape aims to provide quality-assured CBD products to its customers. We take all feedback into account and are proud to introduce our super high-potency CBD E-Liquids range.

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