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What is the Jack Herer Vaporizer?

Cake jack Herer vape elevates and enhances creativity. Her uplifting and joyful Sativa-dominant sensory effects set the stage for deep citrus aromas and flavors. Strain-specific, full-spectrum cannabis flavor and impact. 100% Cannabis oil. No artificial flavors.

What is a Jack Herer?

Combining a Haze hybrid with a cross of 5-meo-dmt(cartridge) 1ml 400mg and Shiva Skunk, Sensi Seeds created a jack herer disposable pen, hoping to capture both the cerebral high and the heavy resin production. His rich genetic heritage gives rise to several variations of Jack Herer, each phenotype having unique characteristics and effects.

What does the Jack Herer cartridge taste like?

The flavor of Jack Herer is very distinctive. You will enjoy an earthy funk with a strong finish of pine and herbs. The average THC level of 85-95% lets you know up front that this is a potent concentrate capable of bringing out the strain’s unique characteristics, including its suitability for daytime use.

Does Jack Herer make you hungry?

If you’ve tried a potent Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabis strain, such as Jack Herer, you may be all too familiar with snacking. For newbies, munchies are extreme hunger pangs that cannabis users often experience after indulging.

What are Jack Herer vape cartridges?

Savor the rich cannabis flavor of the most prolific Sativa ever with The Original Jack Herer™ vape cartridges, featuring strain-specific terpenes and THC from Herer Farms.

What is a disposable 1-gram cake steamer?

This imaginative new device is Cake’s development for their popular single 1-gram disposables. This 1.5-gram disposable vape offers customers a more significant half of their #1 Delta-8 distillate at an unbeatable value.

Is Heavy Hitter Pen good?

Their detailed production process and high-quality standards have genuinely earned them the honors they receive time and time again. Heavy Hitter cold-filtered distillate delivers a clean, luscious flavor with every hit, so you get a high-quality, high-potency product that’s enjoyed every time.

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