Ghost OG


Ghost Og is a rare and legendary strain of cannabis that is highly sought after for its unique and potent effects. It is a cross between Ghost Train Haze and OG Kush,










Ghost Og Pen We are an online boutique offering a wide selection of unique writing instruments. Whether you are looking for a gift or something special, we guarantee you will find something to suit your needs. Our collection includes everything from classic fountain pens to modern rollerball pens and ballpoint pens. We even have a selection of vintage fountain pens that have been lovingly restored to their former glory. No ghost pen matter what your taste, we have something for you.

What is a Ghost Pen?

The Ghost Og Pen is the ultimate way to hide private keys and passwords. This waterproof invisible ink marker makes Kratom Powder it hard for anyone to see your handwriting.

How to use a ghost pen?

Press and hold the button to initiate heat with the atomizer. The light should stay on during this process and flash when the cutoff has been reached. A safety cutout is used to prevent overheating or burning and is approximately 10-15 seconds. The Ghost battery is compatible with most 510-threaded oil cartridges.

How to go around the phantom vape?

Let the ghost cart disposable vapor sit in your mouth for a disposable ghost cart few seconds, then gently push it out with your tongue without exhaling. As soon as the vapor leaves your mouth, quickly inhale it. The Ghost Inhale has used in ghost puff bar more advanced tricks, so it’s good to master it early.

  • Hungry, Sleepy, Relaxed
  • Taste like:
  • Citrus, Pungent, Pine
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